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Business and Mercantile Taxes

Springfield Township collects the following taxes on businesses located or conducting business within the Township:

Mercantile Tax

The mercantile tax is imposed on gross sales receipts at the rate of 1-1/2 mills for all retail sales and 1 mill for wholesale sales. The tax is imposed on the sale of goods, wares or merchandise within the Township. Food and drink establishments are also required to pay the mercantile tax.

Business Privilege Tax

The Business Privilege Tax of 2 mills is imposed on gross receipts. This includes the gross amount of cash, credits or property attributable to carrying on business in the Township by maintaining an office and/or rendering a professional or commercial service or transaction. This includes but is not limited to all commission, fees, rents received or any compensation received, for the performance of any service which in whole or in part is performed within the Township. The maintenance of a place of business in the Township is considered a privilege and the gross receipts shall include income derived from services performed outside the Township limits.

A Business License is required for both taxes. An annual tax return must be submitted to the Business Tax Collector by April 15th of each year. A penalty is imposed for late filing. No extensions are granted for the local tax regardless of whether the taxpayer has filed a Federal extension.

Please be advised that it is the taxpayer's responsibility to properly report and file all returns. Failure to receive a license application does not excuse the business owner from the obligation to file a timely and correct return.

Please contact the Township's designated tax collector, Tr-State Financial Group, for more information about the filing requirements.

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