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Clean and Renewable Energy

Switching to the use of clean and renewable energy is a great way for anyone to improve public health and protect the environment. Businesses and households across Pennsylvania can choose which type of energy to buy from energy suppliers. 

If you are thinking about making the switch to clean and renewable energy, you can use the links below to find local clean energy providers.**

For more information on clean energy and switching suppliers, visit the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission's (PUC) PA Power Switch website: **

To understand the charges listed on your energy bills, visit the PUC's PA Power Switch website:  **

Sources of energy supplier information: is another useful tool that offers up-to-date pricing from clean-energy providers in the PECO service area. You can also shop the PUC website for residental electricity pricing at **

PECO customers can also find purchase options and pricing information from PECO at *.

Some energy choice history:

The Pennsylvania Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards Act (AEPS), signed into law in 2004, requires electric distribution companies and electric generation suppliers in Pennsylvania to supply 18 percent of their electricity using alternative energy resources by 2020, *.

The Pennsylvania electricity market opened up to consumer choice with the deregulation of the electric power grid on December 31, 2010.

**Please note that while  the Springfield Township Environmental Advisory Commission (EAC) advocates for the use of clean and renewable energy, the links below are provided only for informational purposes. The Springfield Township EAC and Springfield Township does not prefer any specific provider or encourage anyone in the Township to enter into an agreement with a service provider. 


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