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The Community Development department of Springfield Township includes all matters related to building and zoning, fire investigation and prevention, plumbing, code enforcement, and subdivision and land development. The Code Enforcement Officer / Fire Marshal is available Monday through Friday during normal business hours to discuss any building, zoning, subdivision and land development, code enforcement or fire prevention matters. Due to the many responsibilities of this position, it is recommended that you call to schedule an appointment before stopping by.

The Township Code Enforcement Inspector is also available Monday through Friday during normal business hours to discuss any building, plumbing or code enforcement related matters. The Code Enforcement Inspector spends a great deal of time performing field inspections to verify building construction and code enforcement complaints; It is therefore recommended that you contact the Code Enforcement Department in advance of your visit to ensure that an employee will be available to assist you.

Forms and Documents

Most Frequently Requested Forms:



An electrical permit is required for all new construction, renovations and repairs. The fee schedule is listed on page two of the application.


The 2018 Fee Schedule includes a comprehensive list of permit fees for building and plumbing permits, zoning petitions, and other miscellaneous fees charged by the Community Development Department.  

Description: Building Permit Application for all new construction, alterations and additions, including decks, garages, storage sheds and the demolition of existing structures.
Description: This permit form must be completed and submitted by a licensed Master or Journeyman Plumber registered with Springfield Township.  Permit fees are included on the application form.
Description: A permit is required to place a portable storage unit on your property.  Often called "PODS", these structures are permitted for no longer than 60 days and must be located on a paved off-street surface at the furthest location from the street. 
Description: A pool pumping permit must be obtained in order to pump water from a swimming pool.  Pool water may not be discharged over land or to a storm sewer.  Please allow 48 hours for BCWSA to identify the proper discharge location.
Description: Unless a vehicle is stored completely within a garage, owners of vehicles without valid state inspection and registration decals must obtain a Repairable Vehicle Permit from the Township.  If a permit is approved, the owner of the vehicle is permitted 30 days to make any necessary repairs and bring the vehicle into compliance with local and state regulations.

The Statement of Certification form must be completed for all Real Estate transactions occurring in Springfield Township.  The cost is $60.00 for residential properties and $120 for non-residential properties.  Please allow a minimum of two weeks for the Township to complete all required inspections. 

Description: This document contains a summary of the Township's Subdivision and Land Development procedures, application forms and instructions for all applicants.  Please refer to Chapter 95 "Subdivision of Land" of the Springfield Township Code, or contact the Township's Code Enforcement Officer for answers to specific questions. 
Description: This document includes a petition to appear before the Zoning Hearing Board, detailed instructions for completing the form, and a filing fee schedule.
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