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What are the Township's recycling regulations?
Recyclable materials must be separated from all residential and commercial waste. Residential recyclables are collected by Springfield Township on the same day as refuse collection. Businesses and institutions must arrange for private collection with a licensed hauling company. Click here to access the recycling regulations.
On what day is my trash collected?
Refuse and Recyclables are collected weekly at the curbside in front of your residence. Following a holiday (or a day celebrated as such) refuse collection only will occur on the following business day. Recyclables will be collected the following week on your regular collection day. Click here to view the Township’s Refuse Route Map.
If my regular refuse and recycling collection day falls on a national holiday, or one celebrated as such by the Township, when will my refuse and recyclables be collected?
Refuse collection will occur on the next business day. Recyclables will not be collected until the following week on your regular collection day.  The only exceptions occur on the Christmas and New Years holidays when recycling will be collected on the day following the holiday.  
How do I dispose of old paint?

Latex paint can be collected by the Township if it is completely dried.  Oil based paint is considered hazardous waste and must be disposed of accordingly.  Please contact the Waste System Authority of Eastern Montgomery County at 610-278-3045, or for the dates and locations of the upcoming household hazardous waste collection.

How do I dispose of a computer, printer, hard drive, television, or other electronic item?

Springfield Township is unable to dispose of electronic waste as part of the regular refuse program.  The Waste System Authority of Eastern Montgomery County will collect these items as part of the Household Hazardous Waste program conducted each spring and summer. Please contact the Authority at 610-278-3045, or

How can I dispose of a range, microwave, refrigerator, washer, dryer, or other appliance?
Springfield Township is unable to dispose of these items as part of the regular refuse program. Please consult the local telephone directory or classifieds section to locate a reputable hauling company. Please be sure to ask if they are properly licensed and insured.
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