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As of this date, the Board of Commissioners of Springfield Township has adopted the International Fire Code 2006 as the minimum requirements and controls to safeguard life, property or public welfare from the hazards of fire and explosion within the Township. Please reference Chapter 13 of the Township Code for supplementary regulations. View the Township Code on-line.


According to the National Fire Protection Association, there is almost a 50% better chance of surviving a fire if your home has the recommended number of smoke alarms installed at the proper locations. Unfortunately many homeowners are unaware of the recommended number and proper placement of smoke detectors. The tips listed below are made by the National Fire Protection Association in an effort to educate homeowners about the importance of smoke detectors.

Quantity and Location
The most important aspect of installing smoke detectors is to install enough alarms in the recommended locations. The farther apart smoke alarms are located, the farther they may be from a potential fire. The farther smoke particles have to travel to reach the alarm, the longer it will take for the alarm to sound.

The National Fire Protection Agency requires all new dwellings to include, at a minimum, one smoke alarm in each bedroom, one outside of the bedroom area, and a minimum of one on each level of the home. In existing homes, the NFPA requires smoke alarms to be located outside of the bedroom area and on each level of the home. Springfield Township recommends that homeowners follow the requirements for new construction in all dwellings for best protection

Smoke alarms need to be replaced every 10 years. Smoke alarms are constantly working, monitoring the air 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just like any electrical appliance, the components of smoke alarms wear out over time.

Periodic cleaning of your smoke detectors is extremely important. Dust and cobwebs can accumulate and reduce the efficiency of the smoke alarm. It is recommended that you vacuum around the outside of the alarm at least once a year.

Smoke alarm batteries should be changed at least once a year. The best way to remember to replace the battery is to do it at the same time each year. It is recommended that you replace the batteries when you change your clocks for Daylight Savings Time.

Help us help you.

Is your address visible from the street? If you should need assistance from any of the Township's emergency services, having your address posted so it is visible from the street will help them find your house faster. Residential properties must have their addresses posted with numbers that are a minimum of 3 inches high. All other properties must be posted with a minimum of 5-inch numbers.

Fire Companies: Flourtown | Oreland | Wyndmoor


The Flourtown, Oreland and Wyndmoor Fire Companies provide fire and rescue services to the residents of Springfield and the commuters who travel through the Township. In addition, each fire company provides assistance to surrounding communities during large-scale incidents. All three organizations are made up of dedicated men and women who volunteer their time and energy to protect their neighbors from fire and other life threatening situations.

These men and women devote hundreds of hours a year training in order to be prepared for the various situations they may encounter. This training includes, but is not limited to, fire suppression, vehicle extrication, CPR, first aid, and hazardous material awareness. Depending on the course, some of the certifications must be renewed on an annual basis. Keeping up with the fast pace and constantly changing technology is a major challenge these firefighters are facing as we begin the new millennium.

Not only does training change with technological advances, so does the equipment firefighters use to protect the public. Everything from the fire trucks they drive, the hoses they use to put out the fire, the jaws-of-life that cut apart vehicles, to the clothing that protects them from the fire, all are being made better due to new technology. Unfortunately, the cost of the equipment also increases. To completely outfit one firefighter with the protective clothing and breathing apparatus costs approximately $3,500. The cost of one fire truck without equipment (axes, hoses, fans, etc.) is approximately $325,000.

So, the next time you drive or walk past one of the local firehouses, take a minute to think about how much effort, commitment and investment is involved in protecting the residents of Springfield Township. And when you open your mail to find the Fire Companies Annual Fund Drive Request, instead of making a donation, make an investment in the Fire Company.

The most important aspect of our volunteer fire companies is the men and women who join the organization. Without them driving the fire truck, operating the equipment, or attending the training classes, the organizations would not exist. Each Fire Company, Flourtown, Oreland and Wyndmoor trains on Monday evenings between 7:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. If you are 16 years or older and have any interest in joining one of the fire companies, please stop by and pick up an application.

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