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Pest Alert: Spotted Lanternfly

A Colorful Cause for Concern: The Spotted Lanternfly

Thursday, July 25, 2019

The Spotted Lanternfly (SLF) has quickly become a point of concern for numerous communities. Although they do not sting or bite, they can be very destructive to crops, trees and plants. They can also make a mess by excreting a sticky substance that causes the growth of black sooty mold. The mold is harmless to people but can kill trees and ornamental plants. 

What Is Being Done

Experts across the nation are hard at work finding solutions to control and contain the spread of SLF.  Penn State University is leading the research efforts and have developed several informational pieces to raise awareness and help citizens combat SLF. One such document is their SLF management for homeowners (see attached). You can also visit the SLF Penn State Extension Page or PA Department of Agriculture for more information. 

What Should You Do If You See a SLF:

Destroy it. The SLF is an extremely destructive invasive species. If you find any life stage SLF in your home or on your property, the recommendation is to destroy on site. 


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