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Springfield Township maintains in excess of 117 acres of permanently protected open space for active and passive recreation purposes.

Bysher Field

Home of the Flourtown-Erdenheim Little League, Springfield Little League Softball & Township Travel Softball

Primarily an active recreation facility, Bysher Field contains a total of five baseball and softball fields within a 10.5-acre area. Located at the dead-end of Bysher Avenue in Flourtown, the park is home to the Flourtown-Erdenheim Little League (FELL), Springfield Little League Softball and Township Travel Softball. All Township residents are welcome to use the facilities when the Little League games are not played. 

Physical Address: 50 Bysher Ave, Flourtown, PA 19031. Google Map


Cisco Park

James A. Cisco Park

Hillcrest Pond

Cisco Park contains a walking trail, multi-use field space, tot-lot, Little Free Library and fishing pond in a 13-acre complex. The Friends of Hillcrest Pond stock the fishing pond with trout prior to opening day. During the summer, the Township hosts various free concerts at the gazebo next to the pond. Cisco Park is also the location for the Annual Springfield Township Community Day.

Physical Address: 199 W. Montgomery Avenue, Erdenheim, PA 19038. Google Map


Flourtown Country Club
Flourtown Country Club is a Township-owned property. The club consists of a nine-hole course, swim club and banquet hall. The facility is situated on 51-acres of land in the Flourtown section of the Township. Golf and swim memberships are available for individuals and families. Springfield Township residents are eligible to receive a discounted membership rate. Please contact the Country Club at 215-233-1550 for membership information and banquet schedule. Visit the Flourtown Country Club website for more information.


Physical Address: 150 McCloskey Rd, Flourtown, PA 19031. Google Map


Henry R Chiaramonte Children's Park

On the 300 block of Oreland Mill Road, Oreland sits Henry R. Chiaramonte Children's Park tot lot. The park was constructed in 2010 as part of a larger neighborhood drainage project. As part of this work, a small tot lot was created to allow families with small children to enjoy recreation and open space within the community. Funding for the tot lot was provided through the Montgomery County Open Space Preservation Program. This park is dedicated to honoring the life of Henry R. Chiaramonte, a young resident of Oreland who passed away from Sudden Unexpected Death in Childhood, or "SUDC". The Board of Commissioners of Springfield Township re-named the tot lot, formerly known as "Oreland Park," to "Henry R. Chiaramonte Children's Park" to allow young Henry's legacy of friendship and happiness to continue and to bring awareness to Sudden Unexpected Death in Childhood to other Springfield Township families.

Physical Address: 312 Oreland Mill Road, Oreland, PA 19075. Google Map


James R. Fulginiti Park 

James R. Fulginiti Park was dedicated in honor of former Township Manager, James R. Fulginiti. Mr. Fulginiti served Springfield Township from 1949 - 1989 as Township Secretary and, beginning in 1970 as Township Manager. Primarily used as a passive recreation park, Fulginiti Park is located on Hemlock Road in the Flourtown section of Springfield. The park was formerly the site of twelve flood-prone homes that were purchased via the Federal Emergency Management Agency Hazard Mitigation Grant Program. Mr. Fulginiti and his wife Rose were the owners of one of the twelve homes that were removed as part of the grant program.

Physical Address: 500 Hemlock Rd, Flourtown, PA 19031. Google Map


Laurel Beech Park

Laurel Beech Park

Laurel Beech Park is located on the site of the former Robertson Greenhouses in Wyndmoor. This 6.5-acre parcel has been redeveloped to include open space, multi-use fields, and a neighborhood playground. The park purchase was made possible through a grant from the Montgomery County Open Space Preservation Program on December 3, 1999. Laurel Beech Park serves as the backdrop for the Springfield Township Recreation Center, formerly known as Seven Dolors Parrish.

Physical Address: 1313 Mermaid Lane, Wyndmoor, PA 19038. Google Map


Marlow Field

Marlow Field

Home of the Oreland-Wyndmoor Little League

This complex consists of two baseball fields. The complex is located at the corner of Lyster and St. Clair Roads in Oreland. Marlow Field is home to the Oreland-Wyndmoor Little League (OWLL). All Township residents are welcome to use the facilities when the Little League games are not played. 

Physical Address: 405 Enfield Road, Oreland, PA 19075. Google Map


Mermaid Park

Mermaid Park

Located at the intersection of Elm Street and Mermaid Lane, Mermaid Park is a 7-acre passive recreation facility located in the Wyndmoor section of the Township. The park was donated to the Township in 1974 from the United States Department of the Interior. A massive park rehabilitation project was completed in 1999 which included dredging the pond, stabilizing the stream channels, installing new park benches, shade trees and refuse containers and the replacement of an eight-foot chain-link fence with a more park-like post-and-rail fence. 

Physical Address: 800 Mermaid Lane, Wyndmoor, PA 19038. Google Map


Oreland Park

Connor James McKelvie Community Park

Located at the intersection of Clement Avenue and Allison Road in Oreland, Connor James McKelvie Park sports two full-size basketball courts, a playground area for young children, green space and a small sitting area along Allison Road. Residents are encouraged to walk or bike to the park due to minimal parking spaces. 

Physical Address: 110 Allison Road, Oreland, PA 19075. Google Map


Springfield Township Recreation Center

Springfield Township Recreation Center resides at the former Seven Dolors Parrish property. Laurel Beech Park sits as the background to the rental hall portion of the property. The Recreation Center Campus consists of two buildings: Rec Center A and Rec Center B. In Rec Center A, patrons will find a multi-use gymnasium with two basketball nets, a performance stage, and full kitchen space. Rec Center B, the former church, is commonly used for summer camps and event rentals. To rent Rec Center A and/or B, please contact the Parks and Recreation office.

Physical Address: 1200 E. Willow Grove, Wyndmoor, PA 19038. Google Map


Sandy Run Park

Sandy Run Park

Springfield Township accepted ownership of Sandy Run Park in May of 1999 from the United States Department of the Interior. Formerly known as the Cascetti Quarry, mining operations ceased in 1958 after a snowstorm knocked power from the region and the quarry hole filled with water. The United States Navy uses the 14-acre facility for underwater sonar testing. Township residents often visit the park for the walking path and fishing.

Physical Address: 1901 Walnut Avenue, Oreland, PA 19075. Google Map


Veterans Park

Veterans Park

Home of the Oreland-Wyndmoor Little League

Veterans Park is a 6-acre active recreation facility complete with 3 Little League-sized baseball fields. The park is home to the Oreland-Wyndmoor Little League (OWLL) during the spring and summer months. In the offseason, the park is open to all Township residents. The Veterans Park parking lot is located at the intersection of Traymore Avenue and Gilbert Avenue in Wyndmoor. A recreation pavilion provides shelter from the elements during inclement weather. A memorial was dedicated in 1947 for WWI and WWII veterans who lived in Springfield Township. Additional bronze panels were added for Korean and Vietnam Vets. This dedication can be found on E. Willow Grove Ave.

Physical Address: 8021 Traymore Avenue, Wyndmoor, PA 19038. Google Map


Wyndhill Park

Wyndhill Park

“Elephant Park”

Located in Wyndmoor, Wyndhill Park is a 4.5-acre neighborhood park that includes a tot-lot, tennis court, and multiuse field space. Parking at this park is limited, so it is suggested that residents consider walking or biking to this facility. This park is commonly referred to as “Elephant Park” due to the elephant-shaped play structure inside the fenced-in play area.

Physical Address: 8300 Flourtown Avenue, Wyndmoor, PA 19038. Google Map


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