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Welcome Wagon
Many new residents of Springfield Township have moved from large cities or towns where they did not have an informal interaction with their police officers that exists in Springfield. Officers participating in the Welcome Wagon program visit every new homeowner in Springfield Township shortly after the resident moves in. The officer provides a comprehensive package of information regarding various Township and Police services available to them. The new resident is encouraged to contact that particular officer should any further police services be needed during their period of acclimation.

Vacation Home Checks

The Springfield Township Police Department offers vacation home checks as a complimentary service to township residents.  Officers on patrol will conduct periodic checks of your residence while you are away from your home, whether you are on vacation or a business trip.

The Vacation Property Check Program has been tremendously successful over the years.  It provides the Police Department with an extra set of eyes in our neighborhoods to look after the homes of our residents who are away from their homes for a period of time, an all too common target for burglars.  It provides you, the homeowner, with some extra peace of mind so that you can focus on enjoying your vacation, having a successful business trip, or whatever takes you away from home instead of worrying about your property.

To schedule a vacation check, please contact the Police Department at 215-836-1601 between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Calls made at all other times will be directed to the Montgomery County Emergency Dispatch Center, but the dispatcher will take your information and forward it to the Police Department.

Internet Purchase Exchange Location

The Springfield Township Police Department lobby and visitor parking lot for the Springfield Township Municipal Building can be used as an Internet Purchase Exchange location.  The public can utilize the lobby or the parking lot to conduct transactions generated from an online website, such as Craigslist.  The lobby and parking lot are well lit and monitored by a camera security system. 

Springfield Township Police Officers are not permitted to participate in transactions or act as witnesses, nor can they offer legal advice or settle civil disputes that might arise from these transactions. 

In addition, transactions involving weapons or any type of drug paraphernalia are prohibited from the Internet Purchase Exchange location. 

The Springfield Township Police Department lobby is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM through 5:00 PM. The parking lot is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  There is no need to notify the Springfield Township Police Department personnel about your transaction unless you believe that police involvement is necessary due to theft, personal safety or altercation.  If any of those instances arise call 911.

Civilian (Non-Criminal) Fingerprinting Services

The Springfield Ttownship Police Department provides complimentary civilian (non-criminal) fingerprinting services to Springfield Township residents. The fingerprinting services are available for employment, name changes and other statutorily authorized purposes. Standard applicant FBI and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania fingerprints cards are supplied at no cost.

Fingerprinting services for non-residents of Springfield Township are available at a cost of $25 for up to three (3) cards, and $10 for each additional card.  Fingerprint fees must be paid by check or money order. No cash or credit cards will be accepted.

Appointments are required for fingerprinting services. Please call 215-836-1601 and, using the automated attendant, select Fingerprint/Records to schedule an appointment.

SafeWatch Security Camera Registration Program

The SafeWatch program is a surveillance camera initiativeimplemented by the Springfield Township Police Department. Many residents and businesses have taken extra security measures to monitor their homes and property by installing outdoor security cameras. The Police Department is looking for residents and business owners who are willing to share video from these cameras in the event it captures anything of investigative significance.

Security camera footage is a valuable tool when investigating criminal activity. In this community policing effort, participants in the SafeWatch program will play a crucial role in assisting officers to quickly determine if video footage is available near a crime scene. This footage can capture images of crimes in progress, people involved in suspicious activity, provide detailed suspect information, and can sometimes help track the direction of travel of criminal entering or leaving a neighborhood.

Registration in the Safe Watch program can be done by completing and mailing this form, or on-line

Snow Shoveler Registry
Township ordinances require that snow and ice be removed from your sidewalk no later than 24 hours after the precipitation stops. One of the fundamental purposes of this ordinance is to ensure the safety and welfare of our elderly residents who use the public sidewalks as their primary means of transportation. However, many of these same residents are physically unable to comply with the requirements of the ordinances.

At the beginning of the winter season the Police Department solicits the local Middle and High Schools for a list of students who will, for a fee, shovel snow from walks and driveways. The consolidated list may be picked up from the Township Receptionist or will be mailed upon request. The "business" arrangement is then made between the resident and student that he or she chooses to employ.

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