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Each year Springfield Township spends in excess of $250,000 maintaining our roadway system. This includes resurfacing, cold mill recycling, micro-surfacing and crack sealing, as well as patching and minor repairs.

Springfield's roadway system consists of approximately 175 lane miles of paved roads with 131 miles belonging to the Township. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania maintains the remainder of these miles with the exception of Ridge Pike, which is a County-owned roadway.

On the average, our roadways are resurfaced approximately every 20 years. However, each road is inspected every year and, depending on the conditions, receives the required maintenance regardless of the age of the road.

Township Highway Crews are also responsible for street sweeping operations, snow plowing, storm sewer maintenance and repair, creek maintenance and park maintenance, street lights, traffic signals and signs, and other special duties as assigned by the Board of Commissioners.

Snow and Ice Regulations

Whenever snow falls to a depth of three inches or more in the Township of Springfield, or if the City of Philadelphia declares a Highway Snow Emergency, all parking along the streets and highways of the Township is prohibited. If a garage, driveway or other off-street parking facilities are available, all vehicles must be located off of the Township highway. If off-street arrangements are not available, parking is permitted on the odd-side of the street in an odd-numbered year and on the even side of the street in an even numbered year.

Your compliance and cooperation with these regulations will permit Township Highway crews to clear the streets of all ice and snow in a minimal amount of time.


Please do not rake your leaves into the street or deposit them in or near waterways. Township ordinances prohibit the depositing of leaves, grass clippings, tree branches and other debris in any street or waterway within the Township. Objects that obstruct the flow of water increase the likelihood of a flooding condition during a rain event. Creek inspections are performed quarterly to identify violators. The Township asks that you report anyone dumping materials within a waterway or highway immediately.

Leaves deposited within the street also create a fire hazard. Vehicles parking over a pile of leaves risk the possibility of catching fire. In addition, leaves in the highway narrow travel lanes and increase the possibility of motor vehicle accidents.

Highway Occupancy Permit

If any part of the Township's highway system or right-of way will be occupied for construction activities, including setting a new or replacement utility pole, underground utility repair or installation, driveway or curb construction, a highway permit must be obtained. Construction equipment, materials or containers may not be stored in the street. Applications must be completed and returned to the Community Development department.

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