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Township's Refuse Route Map. Click for enlargement [pdf]

Springfield Township continues to operate one of the most successful recycling programs in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The continued cooperation and participation of all Township residents will ensure our success into the next century. In addition, the Township refuse department is as efficient as the largest private collection firms in the country. Consider that only two (2) refuse trucks collect all trash generated by Township residents every week!

Refuse and Recycling Containers are limited to 32 gallons in size and 50 pounds in weight.

Residential Refuse Regulations

Household refuse and recyclables are collected weekly at the curbside by Township employees. All discarded materials must be placed at the curb no earlier than 7:00 p.m. on the evening prior to collection and no later than 7:00 a.m. on the day of collection. Within eight hours of collection, containers must be returned to the household.

Acceptable Materials for Collection

  • Garbage, rags, crockery, grass and latex paint (after it has dried in the can).
  • Carpeting, metal and wood must be securely tied so as not to exceed 3 feet in length or 25 pounds in weight.
  • Large, bulky items such as furniture and bedding will also be collected.
  • All household refuse must be placed in watertight containers not to exceed 32-gallon capacity and 50 pounds in weight.

Materials Not Acceptable for Collection:

  • Appliances, such as refrigerators, washers or dryers.
  • Televisions, computers, monitors and other electronic waste.
  • Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL's). 
  • Lawn mowers, auto parts and other items containing gasoline or oil.
  • Any material resulting from the repair, excavation, construction or demolition of a building or structure.
  • Refuse generated from the operation of a business.

Please visit for environmentally responsible disposal solutions for these items.

The following hazardous materials are not acceptable for collection by the Township:
Pesticides, herbicides, drain and oven cleaners, spot removers, dry cleaning fluid, rug cleaners, dyes, lighter fluids, photographic chemicals, concrete and asphalt sealers, swimming pool chemicals, oil based paint, paint thinner, turpentine, paint remover, furniture strippers and furniture refinishing products.

Montgomery County sponsors a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program. For more information on the County Program, please visit the Montgomery County Recycling website, or call 610-278-3618.

Residential Recycling Regulations

Recyclable materials are collected on the same day as refuse. Springfield Township now collects all recyclables in a true commingled, or "single-stream" fashion. When recyclables are collected in a single-stream manner, cans, bottles, paper and cardboard are collected together and separated later at an automated recycling facility, as opposed to source separation by residents or township employees. As a result of the new collection system, it is no longer necessary to separate wastepapers and cardboard from cans, bottles and plastics. In addition to being more convenient, single-stream recycling allows the township to eliminate one collection vehicle from our program and reassign an employee for highway and parks maintenance.

Acceptable Recycling Materials:

  • Wastepapers - Virtually all paper products may now be recycled. Paper products include newspapers, junk mail, magazines, telephone books, office paper and computer paper. Waste papers may be placed at the curb for collection in brown paper bags or cardboard boxes. Please do not place waste papers in plastic bags.
  • Corrugated cardboard and paperboard - Corrugated containers and paperboard containers are now collected with your recyclables. Acceptable materials include pizza boxes, cereal boxes, cracker boxes and cartons from soda and beer, as well as all other "clean" cardboard and boxboard. To properly recycle cardboard, please remove all contaminants such as trash, food waste, Styrofoam, plastic or other packing materials. There is no need to flatten containers.
  • Glass - Clear, green and brown bottles and jars are collected by the Township.
  • Cans - Aluminum, steel and bi-metallic cans are acceptable for collection.
  • Plastics - #1 through #7 Plastics are accepted. Common products include soft drink and water bottles, milk jugs, liquid soap and laundry containers, ketchup and syrup bottles, yogurt and other food containers.

Materials Not Acceptable for Recycling:

  • Plastic bags, PVC and Styrofoam products, light bulbs, window glass, pottery and crockery are not acceptable materials for recycling. These materials should be deposited with your regular refuse at the curb line on your regular collection day.

Please visit  for environmentally responsible disposal solutions for these items.

Recycling Resources

Curb My Clutter

Effective November 14, 2018, Springfield Township is partnering with Curb My Clutter to provide curbside recycling of unwanted clothing, shoes, household textiles and electronics. Simply text "Pickup" to 215-608-2379 to schedule your collection.

Residents can also earn rewards by sending a photo of the items you would like to recycle through the program. In order to do so, please be sure to include a photo of the items that you want collected as part of the text conversation. 

There is no charge for the collection of textiles and most electronics. There is a charge of $35 to collect a standard "tube" television or computer monitor, and $100 for rear projection or wood cabinet televisions.

Have you ever wondered what happens to your recyclables after they are picked up from the curb? The Education Station includes a variety of animated videos, infographics, posters and lesson plans, as well as an interactive Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) complete with illustrations, explanations and videos showing how recycling works from start to finish.

Single Stream Information [pdf]

Commercial Refuse and Recycling Regulations

Refuse generated from the operation of any commercial enterprise, including businesses, institutional uses, schools, or apartment complexes consisting of four or more units, must arrange for the collection of all refuse and recyclable materials via a licensed hauler.  All commercial enterprises are required to establish recycling programs for paper, corrugated cardboard, aluminum containers and leaf waste.  The aforementioned materials represent the minimum recycling requirements established by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Springfield Township encourages all commercial enterprises to expand their recycling programs wherever feasible to include glass containers, plastics, and other recyclable materials.  Most businesses will find that recycling is a more cost-effective practice than conventional waste disposal methods.

Seasonal Leaf Waste Collection Program

The seasonal leaf waste collection program begins in late September and continues through December. During these months all leaves, yard and garden waste must be placed in approved biodegradable paper bags and placed at the curb by 7:00 a.m. on the morning of your regular collection day. Fifteen (15) bags of leaves will be collected on a weekly basis. To the extent that additional bags are placed at the curb side for collection, the Township will make reasonable efforts to remove them in a timely manner. Bags must not exceed 50 pounds in weight. Leaf bags are available at a variety of locations throughout the year.

From March through August a monthly drop off collection is also conducted at the Public Works yard on the last Saturday of each month. Please contact the Public Works Department for additional information about the leaf and yard waste program. All Springfield Township residents are encouraged to practice home-based composting programs to dispose of yard waste materials. 

Christmas Tree Collection

Township crews normally begin collecting Christmas Trees during the first week of January. Please place your tree at the curbside on your regular collection day. Please do not "wrap" your tree in plastic as it will be chipped into useful mulch and made available to Township residents at no charge at our property on West Wissahickon Avenue. Please call the Township Building for the availability of leaf mulch and Christmas tree mulch as supplies vary throughout the year.

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