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Residential Recycling

Recyclable materials are collected on the same day as refuse. Springfield Township collects all recyclables in a true commingled, or "single-stream" fashion. When recyclables are collected in a single-stream manner, cans, bottles, paper and cardboard are collected together and separated later at an automated recycling facility, as opposed to source separation by residents or township employees. Too good to be true? Check out the video below:

Acceptable Recycling Materials:

  • Wastepapers - Virtually all paper products may now be recycled. Paper products include newspapers, junk mail, magazines, telephone books, office paper and computer paper. Waste papers may be placed at the curb for collection in brown paper bags or cardboard boxes. Please do not place waste papers in plastic bags.
  • Corrugated cardboard and paperboard - Corrugated containers and paperboard containers are now collected with your recyclables. Acceptable materials include pizza boxes, cereal boxes, cracker boxes and cartons from soda and beer, as well as all other "clean" cardboard and boxboard. To properly recycle cardboard, please remove all contaminants such as trash, food waste, Styrofoam, plastic or other packing materials. There is no need to flatten containers.
  • Glass - Clear, green and brown bottles and jars are collected by the Township.
  • Cans - Aluminum, steel and bi-metallic cans are acceptable for collection.
  • Plastics - #1 through #7 Plastics are accepted. Common products include soft drink and water bottles, milk jugs, liquid soap and laundry containers, ketchup and syrup bottles, yogurt and other food containers.

Materials Not Acceptable for Recycling:

  • Plastic bags, PVC and Styrofoam products, light bulbs, window glass, pottery and crockery are not acceptable materials for recycling. These materials should be deposited with your regular refuse at the curb line on your regular collection day.

What about Electronics & Clothing? 

In 2019, Springfield Township and your neighbors helped retrievr recycle 50 tons of electronics, clothing, and accessories.

For 2020, get a jumpstart on your resolution to recycle more with retrievr’s trade-in program: for a limited time, retrievr is offering up to $97 for used smartphones and up to $40 for select apparel brands. Items must be in great condition or better, showing minimal signs of wear.

Retrievr will continue to collect and recycle any electronics and clothing on their accepted items list ( that do not meet the trade-in program standards.

Text “PICKUP” to 757-70-FETCH (757-703-3824) or visit to get started.

Click here for a list of accepted electronic items

There is no charge for the collection of textiles and most electronics. There is a charge of $35 to collect a standard "tube" television or computer monitor, and $100 for rear projection or wood cabinet televisions.




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