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Snow Shoveler Registry

Snow Shoveler Registry

Township ordinances require that snow and ice be removed from your sidewalk no later than 24 hours after the precipitation stops. One of the fundamental purposes of this ordinance is to ensure the safety and welfare of our elderly residents who use public sidewalks as their primary means of transportation. However, many of these same residents are physically unable to comply with the requirements of the ordinances.

At the beginning of the winter season the Police Department solicits the local Middle and High Schools for a list of students who will, for a fee, shovel snow from walks and driveways. The consolidated list may be picked up from the Township Administration Building or will be mailed upon request. The "business" arrangement is then made between the resident and student that he or she chooses to employ.

For the full 2021 Snow Shoveler list, please pick up a copy from the Township Administration Building, or call 215-836-7600. 

The 2022 Snow Shoveler list will be available by late November 2022. 

Want to be part of the snow shovel registry?

Sign up following this link to be added to the snow shovel registry. Open to middle or high school students only. Registration is open from September to November. 


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