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Budgets & Financial Reports

2023 Township Budget Information

At their December 14, 2022 Business Meeting, the Board of Commissioners of Springfield Township adopted the 2023 Operating Budget for the Township.

The ADOPTED Budget represents NO TAX INCREASE for 2023. Explore the documents below for more information about the 2023 Adopted Budget. 

In accordance with First Class Township Code, Springfield Township's Office of the Manager submits and presents annually to the Board of Commissioners a proposed comprehensive budget for the ensuing fiscal year, comprised of a proposed operating budget and a proposed capital projects program.

The process used to develop the Operating and Capital Budgets include a comprehensive look at all the financial areas of the Township’s operations, levels of service, capital needs, and resource availability. The Board of Commissioners hold various public hearings in October and November where they hear from members of the public, community organizations, and Township Staff before voting on the final budget ordinance December.

After the conclusion of each fiscal year, the Township undergoes an extensive financial audit conducted by a third party agency appointed by the Board of Commissioners to review the previous year's finances. The financial audit is a routine process that is considered a sound accounting measure in the field of public finance. 



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