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Treasurer & Tax Collector

Springfield Township's Treasurer is an independently elected official responsible for the collection of property taxes.

The Tax Collector is an independent official elected by the residents of Springfield Township and NOT a Township employee. All real estate tax questions should be directed to Ms. Davis by calling 215-233-4040.

Treasurer & Tax Collector Bonny Davis

Springfield Township's current Treasurer & Tax Collector is Ms. Bonny Davis. A lifelong resident of Springfield Township, Ms. Davis was elected to the position by the residents of Springfield Township and has served as Treasurer & Tax Collector since January 2009. Please visit Ms. Davis' website (link below) for more details on deadlines, payment information, and additional services. 

Treasurer & Tax Collector Website

What is the Role of the Treasurer & Tax Collector?

Springfield Township’s Treasurer & Tax Collector, elected by the citizens, is responsible for the billing and collection of real estate taxes for Springfield Township, Montgomery County, and the Springfield Township School District. This billing and collection process does not include earned income tax or business taxes. Please visit our Tax Information Page for details on how to file non-real estate associated taxes.

The elected Treasurer & Tax Collector is not a Township employee. Real Estate Tax payments will not be accepted by Township staff.  Please call (215-233-4040) or email Bonny Davis to schedule an appointment if you are unable to pay your taxes in person or need special accommodations.

If you have additional tax questions that do not pertain to billing and/or collection, please visit Tax Information.