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Frequently Asked Questions Police

I need a copy of my accident report; how can I get a copy and what is the cost?

You can go onto the website, and request a copy.  You can also stop in the Police Station and request a copy from the receptionist, Monday through Friday, during business hours.    Reportable accidents, which involve severe damage to vehicles that require towing and/or injury to passengers cost $15.00 for residents and non-residents.  There is no cost for township residents involved in non-reportable accidents which are minor fender-benders.  Non-residents will pay $5.00 for non-reportable accident reports.  You can also request a copy through the mail.  Be sure to enclose the correct fee and include your report number, date of the accident as well as your name and address on the request.  Checks, cash, or money orders can be used to pay for the accident reports.