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Anonymous Crime Tips

BEFORE continuing: This form is for Springfield Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

There may be a delay in reading this information.
If you are providing URGENT or LIFE THREATENING information, please call 911 or dial our phone tip line at 215-836-1608.

Contact Information (Optional)

While the following contact information is not necessary for a crime tip to be submitted, the Police Department may use this information to obtain additional information to assist with an investigation. In addition, if you would like to know how your tip was investigated, the Police Department cannot do so without a means of contacting you.

If this is a crime tip, please describe the criminal activity

What is the criminal activity you want to alert us to?

Where is it taking place?

When is it taking place?

Who is doing it? (if you don't know their name, describe them)

Describe any vehicles involved

Springfield Township

Administration & Police
1510 Paper Mill Road
Wyndmoor, PA 19038

Phone: (215) 836-7600 Fax: (215) 836-7180

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