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How do I find Fishing in Springfield Township?

A current Pennsylvania fishing license, signed in ink and displayed (attach to a hat or outer garment), is required of persons age 16 and over to fish or angle for any species of fish. A license is also needed to take fish bait or baitfish. Casting and/or retrieving whether by rod, reel and line, or by handline, for oneself or another person, requires a current license unless specifically exempted by law.

 Licenses are not needed on Fish for Free days, all other fishing regulations still apply on fish for free days. For free fishing days, check the PA Fish and Boat Commission website.

 Cisco and Sandy Run are stocked with fish in the spring. Cisco Park is strictly a catch and release pond. Sandy Run Park fish are eligible to keep. For regulations on what you can keep, please refer once again to the PA Fish and Boat Commission website.


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