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Residential Recycling

Residential/Household Recycling

Recyclable materials are collected on the same day as refuse. Springfield Township now collects all recyclables in a true commingled, or "single-stream" fashion. When recyclables are collected in a single-stream manner, cans, bottles, paper and cardboard are collected together and separated later at an automated recycling facility, as opposed to source separation by residents or township employees. As a result of the new collection system, it is no longer necessary to separate wastepapers and cardboard from cans, bottles and plastics. In addition to being more convenient, single-stream recycling allows the township to eliminate one collection vehicle from our program and reassign an employee for highway and parks maintenance.IFrame

Know What to Throw: Acceptable Materials

  1. Glass: all colors. (NO ceramics, light bulbs, plate glass, head lights, mirrors, windshields, or glass blocks). 
  2. Cans: aluminum beverage cans and bi-metal cans. 
  3. Plastics: (#1 through #7) containers including soft drinks, water bottles, milk jugs, detergent bottles and food/yogurt. 
  4. Newspapers, magazines, junk mail, office paper, computer paper, telephone books, corrugated cardboard and paperboard containers including cereal boxes, cracker boxes, and cartons from beer and soda (with no waxy coating) - are recyclable. Please remove contaminants such as trash, food waste, styrofoam, plastic and all other packing materials. 

Recyclable materials may be combined in one can or container not to exceed 32-gallon capacity or 50 lbs. in weight. Please do not use plastic bags!

New and replacement recycling containers are available at the Township Building at a cost.

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What Happens After Your Recycling is Collected?

As of April 2022, all residential recycling collected by Springfield Township is delivered to and processed by Republic Services at their King of Prussia processing facility. Learn more about the typical Republic processing facility by watching the tour video below (please note this tour is not of Republic's KOP facility):

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