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Frequently Asked Questions Building and Zoning

What Township regulations should I be aware of before listing my home for sale?

Springfield Township requires the owner of all Real Property in the Township to apply for a Statement of Certification prior to conveying their property to another individual. The process takes approximately two weeks to complete and may require an in-home inspection by a Township representative. 

Please be advised that any violations noted by the Township must be corrected prior to settlement. For this reason it is strongly recommended that you apply for your Statement of Certification at the time you list your property for sale.   

In addition, Springfield Township requires all new owners of real property to register their deed with the Township. Registration must be completed within two business days after the recording of any deed or conveyance with Montgomery County. Registration may be done in person, by registered or certified U.S. mail (return receipt requested), or overnight delivery with confirmation of receipt.  

For more information regarding the sale of real property, contact the office of Building & Zoning at 215-836-7600.