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Township Projects

Please note that this page is currently under construction and will undergo extensive updates.

This page is under construction and will be updated regularly as more details are added to projects occurring in the Township. 

Interactive Projects Map

In-Depth Project Webpages

Certain projects in the community garner substantial public interest that warrants its own project webpage. Please use the tab below to explore the details about specific projects in Springfield Township:

  1725 Walnut Ave (Tank Car)     380-402 Haws Lane    

Township Public Improvement Projects

Springfield Township continuously invests its resources into projects that improve the infrastructure, safety, accessibility, functionality, and beauty of our community on a routine basis.  The information below contains updates and plans for several ongoing public projects.

  • CDBG 2018 - Recreation Hall ADA Restroom Renovation

  • CDBG 2019 - Chiaramonte Park ADA Improvements

    • PLANS Chiaramonte Park ADA Improvements 2020 05 08
      Springfield Township was awarded $72,215 as part of 2019 Montgomery County's Community Development Black Grant Program to increase accessibility to Chiaramonte Park for residents with disabilities. This project will result in the construction of an accessibility pathway and the installation of play-surfacing at the playground.
  • 1725 Walnut Avenue (former Tank Car Site) Brownfield Redevelopment

    UPDATE (Aug. 2021): The office building will be demolished on 9/7 in a controlled fashion as to minimize any potential impacts on neighboring properties.
    • ISR Map & Plot Plan
      Former industrial site located in the Oreland section of Springfield that was acquired by the Township to be eventually remediated and redeveloped into a public park for the community.
    • Nov 17, 2020 Act 2 Activity Summary
      Provides an update summarizing recent remedial investigation activities under way at 1725 Walnut Ave.
  • Mermaid Park Stream & Habitat Restoration

    Construction expected in early 2022
    • Mermaid Park BID Specs Sht01 DRAFT 2021 05 28
      Initiated back in 2019, the Township aims to restore the natural habitat and improve the water quality at Mermaid Park by shading and stabilizing the nearby streambank through regrading the planting of over two dozen native shade trees, constructing a pre-filtration forebay to help capture sediment and filter water, dredge Mermaid Pond to increase the depth of the pond and inhibit harmful algae growth, and construct a passive walking trail around the park perimeter.
    • Mermaid Park BID Specs Sht02 DRAFT 2021 05 28
  • Cisco Park Playground Improvements

    Construction expected to begin in 2022/2023.
    • Cisco Park Playground Model
      The playground at Cisco Park in Erdenheim will soon see a facelift thanks to $209,000 in grant funding from the Pennsylvania Departments of Conservation and Natural Resources and Community and Economic Development. Improvements will include two new play structures, the installation of an inclusive sensory play area, construction of an ADA accessible path and parking spot, and a pavilion in the park area.
    • Cisco Park Sh02 Design 2021 06 23
  • Walnut Ave. Pedestrian Trail

    Construction expected to begin in 2022/2023.
    • 2020 06 18 Walnut Trail Rendering
      The Township has received a $200,000 Montco 2040 Implementation Grant to construct a pedestrian trail along Walnut Avenue in Oreland from Oreland Mill Road to the entrance of Sandy Run Park. The new trail will enhance pedestrian safety, increase walking trail access and opportunities for nearby residential neighborhoods, and provide a viable connection between Sandy Run Park and the planned recreational/open space at Township-owned property located at 1725 Walnut Avenue.

Non-Township/Private Development Projects

In addition to the public improvement projects undertaken by Springfield Township, there are also a number of non-Township development projects undertaken by other public entities (i.e. Springfield Township School District) and private developers that the Township regulates to ensure the continued growth, stability and prosperity of the community.