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Advisory Boards & Committees

The Township has several advisory bodies that residents can join to assist in the operation of our local government.

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Springfield Township's Advisory Boards & Committees

 Emergency Services Board  

S.T.E.M.S. (Springfield Township Emergency Services Board) develops procedures and techniques to coordinate the delivery of emergency services in the Township and serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of Commissioners for the purpose of recommending policy-making decisions to improve emergency services within Springfield Township.

 Environmental Advisory Commission  

The Environmental Advisory Commission (EAC) was created in April 2006 to advise the Board of Commissioners and other Township advisory boards, commissions and committees on, and promote education about, issues relating to the management, promotion, use and protection of the Springfield Township environment.

 Historical Commission  

The newly created Historical Commission serves in an advisory role on issues related to the exterior alteration, change of use or demolition of historic resources in Springfield Township that have been identified and enrolled in the Township's Historic Resource Inventory.

 Library Advisory Committee  

Our Library Advisory Committee is a volunteer group of residents appointed to serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of Commissioners on the overall philosophy and goals of the Free Library of Springfield Township, and to serve as a sounding board for the library needs of the residents of Springfield Township.

 Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee  

Springfield's Parks and Recreation Committee advises the Board of Commissioners on the goals and objectives of the Township's parks and recreation programs and serves as a sounding board for the recreational needs of our residents. 

 Planning Commission  

The Planning Commission makes recommendations to the Board of Commissioners on all land development and subdivision applications that are submitted to the Township. The Planning Commission plays an important role in developing the Township's Comprehensive Land Use Plan, as well as keeping the Subdivision and Land Development Codes up to date and in compliance with Pennsylvania's Municipalities Planning Code (MPC).

 Police Civil Service Commission  

The Civil Service Commission enforces the rules and regulations approved by the Springfield Township Board of Commissioners regarding the examination and certification of qualified applicants for positions and promotions within the Police Department. The Commission also conducts hearings for police officers that appeal a suspension, removal or reduction in rank in the Police Department.

 Shade Tree Commission  

The purpose of the Shade Tree Commission (STC) is to promote the beautification of public spaces and encourage good planting and landscaping of private spaces in the township. The STC is also responsible for coordinating the Township's annual Arbor Day event in mid-spring. 

 Zoning Hearing Board  

The Zoning Hearing Board is an independent branch of the local government that reviews and decides on all zoning/land use variances and special exception applications to ensure that the health, safety and welfare is not adversely impacted by potential developments within the community. 


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