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Business Privilege/Mercantile Tax

Springfield Twp.'s Business Privilege/Mercantile Tax is set at a rate of 2 Mills for BP, 1.5 Mills for Retail, and 1 Mill for Wholesale Sales.

Tax Collector: Tri-State Financial Group

The Mercantile Tax (MT) is assessed on all retail and wholesale related business activities while the Business Privilege (BPT) is assessed on all other business activities.  Both taxes are based on gross receipts and require businesses to register for a license. 

BPT returns are required to be filed with Tri-State Financial Group, the Township's designated Tax Collector, by April 15 each year. Failure to file a BPT return or to pay any taxes due can lead to citations, fines, and suspension of the privilege to do business in Springfield Township.

Refer to the Business Privilege/Mercantile Tax Frequently Asked Questions for general questions about the tax.

Business Privilege/Mercantile Tax Forms and Documents

Tri-State Financial provides all the necessary forms, links to information and payroll instructions for residents and business owners on its website at:

Contact Information

If you have any additional questions with you current year filing, you may contact Tri-State Financial a610-270-9520.

Tri-State Financial Group
408 East Fourth Street, Suite 207
Bridgeport, PA 19405
Phone: 610.270.9520



Springfield Township

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