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Frequently Asked Questions COVID-19

When will vaccines be available?

The roll-out of COVID-19 vaccines are underway in accordance due Federal and State vaccination plans. Currently, there are three separate efforts underway in our area:

  1. Federal DHS distribution to senior living communities.  These go to those in the medical unit and the employees.  It is currently unknown if this covers the independent living residents yet.  
  2. Federal DHS distribution to hospitals for their staff.
  3. County led phased distribution for  the general public. The phases of the County's Vaccination Plan can be viewed by clicking the Vaccine Information Button at the top of the page. 

The County effort is ongoing and started with ambulance EMTs and other first responders.  In a few weeks this effort will be rolled out to the next set of recipients, but no specifics dates have been provided.

Please visit the County's website for more information on vaccines and their distribution.