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Frequently Asked Questions COVID-19

How do I report a health and safety violation?

Contact the Montgomery County Office of Public Health to report any unsafe business or personal practices, at 610-278-5117 or via email at You can also file a public health complaint about a business by using the Department of Health COVID-19 Complaint Form. Public health complaint categories include:

  • Employees or customers not wearing masks.
  • Business does not have protocol for positive or probable cases.
  • Business does not screen employees for symptoms.
  • Business is not cleaning high-touch surfaces.
  • Business is not creating a safe environment for customers.
  • Business is not allowing employees to telework when appropriate.
  • Employees not providing or allowing cloth masks.
  • Equipment not sanitized.
  • Not allowed to stay home when sick or employees coming to work when sick.
  • Social distancing not being practiced.