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Springfield Township is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a Montco 2040 Implementation Grant in the amount of $197,600 for our Mermaid Park Stream and Habitat Restoration Project. 

Through this project, Springfield Township will restore the natural habitat and improve the water quality in Mermaid Park by stabilizing the stream through regrading efforts and the planting of a riparian buffer, dredging Mermaid Pond, and installing an upstream pre-filtration pond/artificial wetland to reduce and capture excess sediment runoff from entering the main pond. A walking trail around the park perimeter will also be constructed, increasing accessibility and passive recreational opportunities.

“We could not be more excited or honored to be awarded a Montco 2040 Implementation Grant” states Baird Standish, President of the Springfield Township Board of Commissioners. “Springfield Township takes great pride in its dedication to environmental stewardship and high quality park system. This project will not only help restore the ecological balance of Mermaid Park, but will also add value with the walking trail that we hope will ultimately connect to other planned trails and the County’s extensive trail network.”

Since the Montco 2040 Implementation Grant Program’s inception in 2016, over $7.5 million has been awarded to projects aimed at implementing the county comprehensive plan, Montco 2040: A Shared Vision. Approximately $2.25 million being awarded to fifteen projects, including Springfield Township’s Mermaid Park Restoration Project, in 2020.

The Springfield Township Board of Commissioners and staff wishes to thank the Montgomery County Commissioners, Montgomery County Planning Commission, and Montco 2040 Grant Evaluation Committee for seeing the value in this proposed project and providing this generous award.

No dates have been scheduled in terms of beginning construction on this project, though the Township is hopeful that it is completed sometime in 2021.You can view the proposed improvements on the Concept Plan Map below (subject to change): 


For more information, please visit www.springfieldmontco.org or contact Brandon J. Ford, Assistant to the Township Manager, at bford@springfieldmontco.org

A PDF version of this Press Release is available HERE (PDF).

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