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Recycling Collection Guide

Did you know that not everything can be recycling in Springfield Township? To help residents, our Public Works Department would like to remind the public about what materials are NOT ACCEPTABLE materials for our recycling program. Residents are ENCOURAGED TO AVOID placing these items in their recycling containers:

 Materials NOT Accepted for Recycling

  • Glass: Ceramics, light bulbs, window door panels, windows, head lights, mirrors, windshields, or glass blocks.
  • Regular Trash. 
  • Pizza boxes (because of food remnants/grease).
  • Packing Materials: Styrofoam, Bubble Wrap, Peanuts (if you have a box with packing materials, place with trash).
  • Plastic bags: any size, type
  • Dog waste.
  • Wood items: any
  • Metal: any kind that are not cans.
  • Containers with Food Remains: (any container: glass, foil pans, plastic, etc.).
  • Frying/Cooking pans: any
  • Heavier/Thicker Plastic (any kind; i.e., toys, chairs, sleds, playhouses, etc.).
  • Paper Shredding.
  • Lids to any containers.
  • Shovels. 
  • Paper: towels, tissues, napkins, plates, cups, etc.
  • Cardboard needs to be tied and bundled or placed in a container (i.e, can or box). Do not put out loose on the ground. 
  • Bottles/Cans need to be rinsed and drained. 

The materials listed above contaminate the recycling which ends up costing the Township (and its citizens) more to process, sell, and be made into reusable items by other parties.  It is important that these materials be disposed of properly, outside of our recycling collection program. The cooperation and participation of all residents in our recycling program helps to ensure its efficiency and is greatly appreciated by Township employees.

Additional Notes

  • Please place recyclables loose in the recycle can, not in plastic bags.
  • Group all recycled items together – spaced apart – from all refuse items to ensure our Recycle Collection crew or Refuse Collection crew can properly identify items. 
  • Items not acceptable for recycle collection, put out for regular trash. 
  • Over-sized cans cannot exceed 32 gallons

If you are unsure of how to dispose of an item properly, please check our Public Works pages, “Trash” section under the “How Do I…?” tab, or call the Township at 215-836-7600.  



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