Road Milling & Paving Scheduled for Several Streets

Road work to mill and pave several Township streets is scheduled to start this weekAs part of this project, the existing roadway surface will be milled and then repaved with new asphalt. The new pavement will seal the roadways and provide motorists with a smoother riding surface. Glasglow, Inc. will be conducting the work on behalf of the Township as the lowest bidder for the contract. 

Streets to be Milled & Paved:

  • Ramsey Rd - Burton to Surrey
  • Surrey Rd - Burton to Bridle
  • Bridle La - Valley Green to Scott
  • Filbert Rd - Surrey to Burton
  • Burton Rd - Ramsey to Filbert
  • Coursey Rd - Surrey to Scott
  • Scott Rd - Surrey to Ramsey
  • Southampton Ave - Willow Grove to past curve
  • Gilbert Rd - Flourtown to Traymore
  • College Ave - Entire road
  • Schnell Ave - College to Grove
  • Overbrook La - Church to cul-de-sac
  • E. Wissahickon Ave - Bethlehem to past Kopley
  • Longfield Rd - Chesney to Chesney

Impact on Residents & Motorists

During this work, the streets listed above will be closed to traffic. Residents and emergency vehicles will still be able to access homes on those streets while they are being actively milled and paved. Streets will be posted with temporary "No Parking - Street to be Milled/Paved" signs approximately three (3) days before work is scheduled to begin.

Please make arrangements to park cars off of these streets on the day the work will be performed. After the street is paved, please avoiding parking on the new surface during the first night. 

Motorists are also advised to allow for extra time when traveling through the work areas because slowdowns will occur. All scheduled activities are weather-dependent. Questions and concerns can be directed to the Public Works Department, 215-836-7600. 


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